Picked up two new Star Wars games…

I’ve played wargames and role playing games for a long time (though not very actively in recent years as time and other players become a problem).

I’ve recently been paying more attention to gaming though time hasn’t become more available :). I have a pretty complete Star Fleet Battles set that covers the Star Trek end of things but I have tended to ignore Star Wars as I haven’t been aware of any credible attempts to build games around that universe.

I recent saw the pre-order announcement for Star Wars: Legion and it looked like it might be an interesting attempt to put some rules behind the world of bumbling storm troopers and wise cracking dead shot heroes in that universe. My copy just arrived and I expect to give it a dry run, solo sometime soon.

I also picked up the tactical ship to ship game Star Wars: Armada offered by the same company and have quickly read through the rules but no more.

I’m hoping that these two work well as games and capture the feel of the Star Wars universe. I’ll post more about them when I’ve had time to dig in a bit deeper.

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