Easter Hunt…Supplemental

Tim is an Enchanter. He drew the diagrams, planned the raid, lead the way…but Tim has never had the good sense to stop when he’s ahead.

Tim watched the others gathering booty for too long. He began his trek across the great black plastic waste
Turning the corner he scaled the coal house roof

and contemplated the edge of the world (roof)

He is perhaps a bit prone to exaggeration at times.

the situation soon came to a head
but from that lofty(ish) crown he found what he sought
he examined the strange object from all angles
in the end, sadly he went with his gut and called out the mystic words
and with a loud boom the egg was set ablaze
unfortunately for Tim…burning plastic and melted chocolate aren’t a good fit
Poor, poor time…contemplating his mistakes while the others feast…

…and so ends the questing of Tim…though the killer rabbit was so gorged on chocolate eggs that Time was able to sneak back into the house un-decapitated for once.



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