Picked up Federation Commander

I’ve been realizing that if I want to find people to play boardgames with, I need to be looking at somewhat less heavyweight games than the stuff I played in college with friends who had also been playing for years. I just picked up a copy of Federation Commander which is a lighter weight take on Star Fleet Battles. Hoping this will make it possible to setup some gaming and perhaps work up to the more complex Star Trek themed games (and others). I’ve got a broader library, but many of the games I loved years ago are now far out of print. We’ll see what the new year brings…hoping to find time and an opponent or two…

I have the Klingon Border version on order but from a slower source (this one was available with Amazon Prime so quick). I think that the Klingon/Federation match up is a little less complex and expect that will make for a better introductory scenario once it arrives.

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