Updating my old Star Fleet Battles set

While I’ve been doing flooring work on the house, I’ve also been buying Star Fleet Battles and Federation and Empire game parts to update my 25 year old set. These used to be produced by Task Force Games but it appears the original company went away and the division that produced the star trek games lived on as Amarillo Design Bureau with the old series license and game designs.

Back in high school and college we had a great time killing starships on the tabletop. That got pushed to the back burner after graduation as I lost access to the groups I had played with and found my life getting much busier. Now that we’re empty nest parents, I’m hoping to find folks to play with in the area and get back into things a bit.

Federation and Empire is a game I’ve owned (back to the first version called Federation Space) since school but never found the time to place. I’ve updated my set and would love to find the opportunity to run through some strategic Star Trek combat sometime.

At this point I’m filling in the ‘New Worlds‘ modules and then just need to get the current version of the New Ship modules and Omega to be complete. I’m certainly enjoying reading through the new stuff…quite a few changes and a good bit of new material to play with. I am very interested to see what they did with Omega as this should all be new to me…working with the trade-off between material that would be useful in a near future game and stuff that I’ve never seen but find interesting…

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