Fiction shelves photography is complete…

and all covers have been scanned by storage box so I can find things in the part of my library that doesn’t have shelf space.

I’ve started importing the images into lightroom and using photoshop to clean them up. I’m likely to push forward with wargames and RPG books shelves before moving to serious post processing.

Once I have a supply of page topper strips, I’ll select a batch of them and add them to the blog.

I’ve started scanning image assets for the landing page collages. Mostly on the career side so far (unless you count fantasy and science fiction book covers for the blog side). Lots more to go though I will likely put up something interim before I’ve got everything finalized.

I do wonder whether there is a better tool for assembling things like this with rotation and scaling of assets than photoshop. I can get done what I need with PS but at times it gets messy and awkward (scale, copy to layer, delete layer, rescale, repeat).

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