Monday, July 29, 2019

Relatively slow weekend again. Had a few interesting conversations and dug into gene sequencing technology a bit (kind of like a big brother to the PCR technology I’ve worked with in the past). Interesting stuff and some pretty cool things appear to be looming on the horizon.

Didn’t get much coding on cluster related items accomplished. Still looking at PHP and Angular things. Have tentatively concluded that Angular makes sense for single page web UI work here. It is very popular and keeps showing up in systems I work on so while it may be more complex that the alternatives I’m inclined to go with it.

Noticed that PHP 5.6 is now officially past its end of life. I’m going to need to get on the phone with GoDaddy and see why my hosting still tops out at 5.6. If I’m going to be pushing up some PHP myself, I’d really prefer PHP 7 as many of the tools now require that.

Heading out to San Diego to visit with Alyssa towards the end of the month. The in-laws will be holding down the fort at home white we’re gone. It will be great to see Alyssa in person. It has been a long time since her last visit home. I’m also excited to see more of San Diego. It seems like a nice city and I’ve got very limited experience with California in general.

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