RPGs – Traveller and Call of Cthulhu

I picked up a copy of the core Mongoose Traveller 2e books recently. I have long liked Traveller in theory but had a hard time when I was younger thinking of how to run it in practice. I’ve still got my original ‘little black books’ edition on my book shelf. This edition is much more extensive and has much higher production values.

I’d love to try running some Traveller sometime in the future. I think I have a better idea how to make a game like this one work. Less combat (much) but more investigation and problem solving for the players. A sand box with lots of directions to go. I’ve become better over the years at improvising and I think Traveller likely needs lots of that.

Call of Cthulhu is also on my list. I expect I’ll probably pick up the core books sometime soon. They’re a bit expensive but it is an interesting system and even more oriented towards problem and puzzle solving than Traveller. I’ll probably also pick up a few adventure modules with the core books so that I have some patterns to work from as to how to build adventures that work in the game. This one is even further from my wargaming past as combat tends to go really, really badly when things from beyond are what you’re fighting.

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