Playing in a D&D 5e Campaign

For the first time in a long time I’m a player in a D&D campaign. I ran a 3.5e campaign years back for my daughter and some friends. Had a blast with that but as with all campaigns it eventually ended.

It has been a much longer time since I played in a game. A friend that I worked with years ago tapped me to join a new remote game he’s starting up. It is a 5e campaign set in Greyhawk so a new system (I have the books but I’ve had no one to play with since I got them) and a setting I haven’t used in ages.

I’m playing a dwarf cleric and we’ve only had two sessions so far. The usual issues with schedules clashing and such. So far I’ve been having fun. The first session started slow, but that is to be expected with a new group. The second session ran more smoothly and I’m gradually coming up to speed on the new version of the game.

I’ll probably pick up some more 5e books over the next few months. I’ve got the core set and Xanathar’s Guide and Tasha’s Cauldron. These cover most of my needs from the player side, but I am interested in seeing what else there is in 5e at this point. I certainly like 5e better than I did 4e. I still have a fondness for 3.5e and would be happy to play that again sometime too. More work and a bit more complex to run but more options too I think.

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