WaterWorks Guide.

  • Quest Requires: Level 60 Wizard, Even if he/she isn't done with Celestia or Grizzleheim.
  • Quest Giver: Blad RavenEyes
  • Quest Location: Triton Avenue, Crab Alley.

I ran waterworks many times being the life wizard in there, people would think anyone can be the life or it is an easy job. but it is not ☺

To complete the dungeon successfully you will need to communicate with your team and they should listen. Well lets get to the fights and what you should know about the cheaters in there.

  • First fight: It will be a normal fight compared to the cheating bosses of course ☺, you will face 4 minions no matter how many wizards are running the dungeon.

  • Second Fight: After finishing the first fight the second room is "A Pulling Room" it will pull you in the order you joined it. It is the same as the one before just minions, you will see a lever, just pull it and go to your next step.

  • Third Fight: It can be AVOIDED but you will need at least 4 wizards running the dungeon to complete that room. The room has a timer. first wizard entering it will set the timer off so make sure you all are there and enter it together, you will see Blue Clams and Yellow Clams. OPEN only the BLUE ones and DON'T OPEN the yellow ones or you will be pulled into a fight.

  • Fourth Fight: Luska the first cheating boss (Balance School). He will be alone with 21,150 Health Points.

    Okay lets discuss the things Luska DOESN'T like, first thing and the most important which he says on the first round (ONLY ATTACK IF YOU HAVE BEEN INKED!) the first wizard of your line up will be "inked" ( -accuracy doesn't show how much). Second thing DON'T try to (Weakness, Dispel, Steal his blade, Trap) him, because you will regret it ☺. He will either Dragon you with 1100 per round or Power link you with 700 per round and both really hurt x,x!

    and now the things that luska allows, inked wizards can attack whenever they want without triggering any cheats, you can use all kind of blades, shields and bubbles.

    here is the interesting part, there is two possible ways to defeat him without having anyone from your team die.

    first way which is the strategy i use (a little risky though): it requires a specific team (life, 2 storm and balance) you can also replace one of the storms with another school but i prefer 2 storms. anyway the line up should be ~> life, balance, storm, storm.

    The life wizard's job will be simple in this fight which is mostly fizzling ☺ so just pack some rebirths and couple satyrs to keep trying.

    The balance wizard's job will be to blade the 2 storms and here is why I chose storm: because they have the new blade per pip (SuperCharge) which make Luska defenseless to their huge attacks. Both storms will use the blades they can use (Treasures if you have them) and give luska two big attacks.

    Second way: You remember him saying (ONLY ATTACK IF YOU HAVE BEEN INKED) well this way is kinda safer but takes so long. With this strategy the Life wizard should be last on the line up so he/she the last one to be inked, most of you now asking "How do you get inked?" well here is how. The first wizard on the line up should keep attacking Luska till the second wizard is inked and like that (Usually this takes two successfull attacks to ink the second person) so make sure you guys are ready before getting inked because you will fizzle a lot.

    Luska's Drops: Level 60 Hat, all the Mastery Amulets (not sure about that) the one I am sure about are (Ice, Storm and Life), Mega snacks rank 7 & 8 total 25, 30, 35.

  • (Fifth, Sixth) Fight: A normal minions fight which will lead to another and the second room will be also "A Pulling Room"

  • Seventh Fight: It can be AVOIDED. It will be a room with levers which should be pulled in the right order. You will see a book in the middle when you enter the room, after reading it an Eel will show up and show you how to pull the levers so just follow the Eel and you will have a room full of wisps ☺ and avoid the fight of course.

  • 8th Fight: This is the last minion fight you will have a normal one nothing special.

  • 9th Fight: Prepare for the final boss fight with Sylster Glowstorm. (Sylster is Star with 24,980 health points, the water-wing is fire with 8190 health points, and the SpellHammer Sorcerer is death with 6560 health points.) Allow yourself a few minutes to freakout quietly then get your head back in the game!

    From the first turn, Sylster will cast a doom and gloom around your fight. What actions are and are not allowed during the round are determined by the colour of this doom and gloom. When the bubble is white, you can place any types of traps on the bosses. When the bubble is black, you can place any blades on yourself. Please note that whether the bubble is white or black, it does still function as a regular doom and gloom as well and will cut healing in half. Sylster will always begin with a white doom and gloom / traps permissable bubble, so feel free to place traps on your first turn.(Unused Traps and Blades will be removed when he changes the bubble)

    Exceptions: windstorm, pet blades and pet traps are permissable at any time. They will, however, be removed the next time the boss changes the bubble.

    He will change the bubble every four rounds Whether you start first or second it will be CHANGED make sure to count the rounds and attack before he removes your traps or blades.

    IMPORTANT!!! (TO WHO READ THIS GUIDE BEFORE): Cloak doesnt work anymore, he will remove the cloaked blades.

    Some stuff I learned about this boss: Try to kill the minions as fast as you can because they are mean. Killing the boss first is NOT a smart thing because he will come back to life. Every time you attack him he will heal himself and he can heal the mini bosses too it is part of his cheat so try to do big and fast attacks to kill them faster, even after killing the other mini bosses you will have to be prepared to do one or two huge attacks to over kill him by 3000 to 4000 to make sure he stays down. ☻

Info you may need: If you die and no one can heal you, you can Flee and come back running into the dungeon but you will have to be fast and you will have to join alone. QUITTING will close the dungeon so don't try it.

Sylster Glowstorm Drops: Level 60 (Hat, Robe and Shoes), Mega Snacks rank 7, 8, 9 (25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50) total.  And all the Mastery Amulets.

Note: He will only drop your school gear so you will have to farm him on every wizard you have to get all of the gears you want. Enjoy your snacks and gear Very Happy!