VR Random Dungeon

It has struck me recently while diving deep in TLS RFCs that it would be kind of fun to build a VR random dungeon generator inspired by the old AD&D dungeon master’s guide random dungeon generator.

It would be comparatively simple to code and would be a blast from the past and provide an interesting sense of scale to some of those old ten foot wide corridors and massive rooms.

Not sure I’ll ever get around to putting the necessary effort in, but who knows I might one day be able to walk the halls of an old school random dungeon of my own creation 🙂

More Games in my Collection

The bigger, mostly newer games I have.

Star fleet battles. Big, complex, huge number of ships and options. I haven’t had anyone around who knows the game in decades and it is a really hard game to get people started on with the rather massive basic rules set.

My original star fleet battles set. Simpler rules from simpler days. The game has become so much larger since then. Better balanced and with far more options. I haven’t cut the counter sheets for the newer edition as I have plenty of these older counters to use should the opportunity arise.

Federation commander is a simplified version of star fleet battles. I picked it up with hopes that it might be a simpler option. May be at some point.

Federation and Empire (and the earlier Federation Space) are both strategic level old series Star Trek combat. A complex game and one that I’ve never yet had a chance to play against a real opponent. Seems like another game that badly wants computer support to really play. It would be pretty amazing to get a real play through of this though.

And StarFire is the truly huge scale strategic game with massive scope but also massive complexity. On balance I’ve found this game fascinating to read through and containing well though out technologies and mechanics, but without computer support I can’t really imagine finding the time to play it.

Traveller isn’t primarily a wargame, but it is full of ideas for space game trading and space combat. Add in Striker with tactical ground combat and the possibilities for inspiration are pretty extensive. Lots to play with here.

I’d also love to run a traveller game sometime. Perhaps far in the future in retirement…