3D Asset Export and Sharing

There have been concerns expressed about getting from a point cloud to imported animation data tied to a skeletal model.

I accept that this may not be trivial…particularly tying a set of points in a moving cloud to control points for bones in a skeletal animation.


It does appear that there are defined interchange formats (I’ll have to look and see if these are supported bu Unity and Blender) that may make this more straightforward. Being able to export the skeleton for an animation and then inhale it into a processing application seems helpful. Being able to tag points in a cloud for consumption by Unity seems even more helpful.

I looked here and got a pointer to collada which appears to be getting developed by Khronos at this point. This appears to be a general purpose, open, XML based standard for interchange of 3D information. There is also an OpenCollada code archive out there…that link appears to be dead…but it is on GitHub and a project home page.

Wikipedia article here.


Filmbox is a more proprietary option with information at Wikipedia, Blender, More Blender, and AutoDesk (who created it and still owns the format). The AutoDesk link connects to SDK downloads that support C++ and Python manipulation of these files.

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