February 7, 2019

Looking at Blender and Unity as tools.

Spent some time last night playing with prefabs for the Cluster game I’m prototyping. Not too much detail yet, just looking to create prefabs that are distinct enough to make it clear what is going on with each and have them look interesting.

Got the google daydream headset in from Amazon and got my phone configured to use it. So far I’ve only loaded the software on my phone and played with it a little bit. In the short time that my wife and I played with it, it burned through 50% of my phone battery and left my Pixel XL quite warm. Eventually this may be the item that causes me to upgrade phones…

At lunch today there was a discussion about the awkwardness involved in working with blender and some discussions around working with UV mapped textures directly in VR. Potentially interesting thing to try. Should be possible to implement a visual airbrush…particularly with the vive where the artist can walk around the model being worked on and see it from various angles. This is an interesting idea, but if I spend any time on it at the moment, I’ll never complete the game work I’m messing with so on the shelf it goes.

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