Things are moving forward…

At this point I have two recruiters working with me and I am waiting to see what they come up with. Plenty of time yet as I still haven’t received my official end date from GE. Rumor says that end dates will be either June 30, September 30 or December 30. The software documentation is in very good shape (proud of the job we did and it makes it much easier to prepare for the transfer of knowledge) so I’m currently using the June 30 date as my working end date. HR has said that the formal dates and packages should be done this coming week. Hoping they are as some certainty on the end date GE is requesting will help me plan better as information comes back from the recruiters.

Wilmington SMR is shutting down

GE has decided to shut down MRI development group that I work for in Wilmington, MA. The site closing package allows me nearly a year to locate an attractive new opportunity so I have some time to locate a very good match.

It has been a wonderful run and I’ve worked with some great people at SMR (and ONI Medical Systems before the GE acquisition) It is sad to be moving on, but exciting to consider the new possibilities that this opens up.