Interesting weekend, Gene Sequencing, PHP and Some Physics

The weather hasn’t been great, but I found myself doing some digging into gene sequencing technology with some digressions into a talk on loop quantum gravity and some small progress on RESTful interface implementation on PHP. I’m once again tempted to go with Angular for my web UI code. React and Vue may be a bit simpler to get rolling, but for larger projects Angular and typescript seems to provide better tools and productivity.

It is interesting to see that the basics of gene sequencing have a lot in common with the PCR technology I’ve been involved with in the last few years. Automated clinical instruments seem like a good fit for this stuff.

Interesting…watching a piece discussing vision systems with automated ecoli colony pickers to grab ecoli amplified plasmids from growth media. Must have saved many grad students from repetitive stress injuries.

Looks like Illumina, Roche and Applied Biosciences play in this area. On to clustering technologies and no more ecoli required. Some pretty cool amplification isolation techniques.

Interesting dive into the history here.

PacBio? Oxford Nanopore?

Kind of challenging to find presentations that are recent and not focused on one of the major players. This appears to be an area where the technology is moving at very high velocity but the leading edge is hard to track (at least quickly).

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