Steps and Tangents…

Started reading a book on coding CUDA using python so I’ve loaded Anaconda and the CUDA SDK on my machines that have Nvidia video systems. Looks interesting and perhaps useful and the ebook was on sale at Packt for $10. I’ll share here as things progress…as usual with sandbox items, this may move slowly as time permits.

Brought the basement Ubuntu system attached to the TV down there up to a better state. It now auto-launches chrome on boot and does not prompt for credential access on login…less secure overall, but much better user experience for a television.

I’m also loading an internal house use wordpress instance onto that system…it is one of the few machines around that doesn’t get used for software development, stays running most of the time and has Ubuntu Linux running. Hoping to use this for local only notes and tracking that I’d rather not host on my main public hosting.

Getting wordpress setup properly is proving a bit more labor intensive than I remembered with all of the database setup being manual…but is has been a while since I set one of these up.

Waiting for my Pi 4 to arrive though I’m not sure how much priority will go to it when it does as I’ve got quite a few other things going on currently.

I do want to put together a small motion triggered frame capture tool on the pi using OpenCV for data acquisition and image processing. My wife likes watching the wildlife and I expect we could get some interesting shots with a pi and a web cam pointed out a window for a day or two.

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