RPi-4 is on order

I’ve got a raspberry pi 4, 4 GB on order. I’m not expecting it to arrive until later in July.

I’m looking at this as a way to have a decently generic ARM development platform hanging around for a reasonable price. I’ll likely look at booting it off of a 512 GB USB-3 SSD that I have hanging around to give me a more robust and larger dev system.

The 4 GB of physical memory is particularly interesting as I had to set up a swap file on my pi-3 and pi-2 boards before I could build an up-to-date local version of OpenCV. Without the swap space, the build hangs quietly at the part-way mark and never completes.

I’m hoping that I can use the pi-4 as a build and development machine while pulling executables over from there to the pi-3 and pi-2 machines to run. Being able to develop on a system with plentiful resources yet run on cheap and less capable machines would be a great combination…

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