Cluster working on Vive

I’ve got the current bits of Cluster-1 working on the Vive using directions from here. Doesn’t do much yet, but nice to look at. I also need to figure out the ‘up’ direction as the Vive version has the board overhead and the Daydream version has the board in front of the player. I want the initial camera to look down of the board with stars around your knees. Much more to do, but still moving on.

I also want to make sure that the same project can be built for at least the three platforms…PC screen, Daydream and Vive…and probably cardboard from the same baseline.

As things move forward it will become progressively more important to me that I am able to switch between my supported platforms without making serious changes to the base build.

So far it appears that I can disable ‘VR’ support and the Steam VR camera rig to get back to a flat monitor world on the PC side. Next I’ll need to try to integrate the Steam VR and DayDream pieces to find out if I can switch between those with equal facility.

This approach still isn’t perfectly satisfying as in a more formal build environment, the Unity UI would be needed to switch between building plain PC mode output and PC VR output. I expect that as this is targeted partly at commercial applications there must be a way to run a build server that emits packages for a full range of targets without human intervention. Stay tuned and we may dig that out at some point…

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