Looking at building a simple game with unity

I’m looking at building a game similar to stellar conquest (without borrowing any copyrighted content) using unity and then setting up a multiplayer capability through an internet connection (likely my hosting with some PHP persisting moves to a MySQL database).

I’ve got the basics figured out for laying out the playing surface and it looks as if prefabs work for creating stars, planets and ships. I can see how the player interface would work in VR (either room scale or three axis) but I’m going to have to dig in to work out hit-testing for on-screen mouse activity.

I’m going to be thinking about how to handle star generation. The game that is providing the inspiration used a fixed map with the star located at mostly symmetrical positions. I’m inclined to have my game place the stars using a random number generator but with a defined distribution of star types to ensure some level of balance.

I’m going to do the same sort of thing for planets…not cards from a deck as with the board game but again, randomized with appropriate probabilities to yield the right sorts of planet mix.

I think the next step is probably to build the star cluster and scatter some colored lights about through space…I’m really tempted to go with a three dimensional star cluster for the final version if VR is the main target.

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