So many languages…

…and tools and environments that matter. Back on C++ for the moment as the APIs I’m looking to use are only available to native Win32 code. I also want to broaden my comfort zone in C++ 2011/2014/2017 a bit more as I’ve been doing far more C#, Java and JavaScript lately than C++.

I expect to finish the current piece of tool code in C++ and then look at wrapping it (or perhaps a C++/CLI equivalent) in a WPF/C# UI tool for managing file duplication/archiving. Depending on how things go I might play with some ASP.NET Core/Angular code on this front too but not sure at the moment. I need to get a better handle on my current sprawl of archival storage without losing anything that matters.

Reading through Effective Java Third Edition and re-reading Effective Modern C++ (with some digressions into The C++ Standard Library Second Edition). 

It does take a bit of reorienting when switching between Java/C#/JavaScript and C++ as C++ is the only language where most things aren’t pointers (references, but effectively the same thing).  Keeping things local and cleanly life-cycle managed is a rather different mind-set than the more free-wheeling approaches that the garbage collected languages encourage.

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