Continuing to read about functional programming

Functional programming techniques are becoming more mainstream (and more generally useful) and I’ve been doing some reading to come up to speed.

I’ve just ordered a book on Haskell. Haskell seems to be the functional programming equivalent to SmallTalk for object oriented design…a pure functional language.


I’ve also ordered a book on functional programming in C#. While C# isn’t a purely functional language, I am far more likely to build things in C#. I’m expecting the combination of these two books to give me a decent combination of theory and useful practice.

Javascript is really where I first began running into functional approaches. I’m still working on getting my javascript up to where I’d like it to be. The javascript world is currently pretty hard to keep up with as things continue changing at a frantic rate. I’m expecting to spend a weekend soon adding a self hosted web UI to one of my ongoing sandbox projects…probably something Angular 2 with a C# back end, but we’ll see…

I also took a look at this packt book. It looked interesting but had no reviews so I went for the Manning book. Once I have the Manning volume and have read through it, I’ll post more comments here.

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