Giving up on the Gigabyte branded motherboard…

I’ve just filled out a return form for the Gigabyte motherboard I’ve been trying to use in my VR development system. Half of the DDR4 slots seem to be flaky in the system. Much of the time it boots and recognizes both slots and then within a few hours of run time it hangs unrecoverably. The best runs I’ve had with it appear to happen when it completely ignores the second stick of memory and runs crippled in single channel mode with only 8 GB of memory.

I ordered from Amazon and that makes the return easier. I do have to rip the system apart which will be a bit of a pain but I’m not up for dealing with a permanently flaky system. I just ordered an ASUS board to use in its place (from NewEgg this time). Hoping this does better.

I should have dug deeper into the negative comments as there were quite a few that indicated this board had QC problems with the memory slots. Looks like I got a bad one. Going to pull the system apart today and get the board bagged back up for mailing.

Disappointing as I really want to get this system up and running to see how the VR headset performs with a 1080 card driving it.

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