Disney Cruise 2019 Day 1 Set 1

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These shots come from our first day of vacation. This was not a cruise day as we spent several days in Cocoa Beach before the cruise kicked off.

These are not all that carefully selected and there are some duplicates and oddball shots in this set in order to get them up online faster.

The gallery software doesn’t seem to perform well with large numbers of images so I’ll be splitting this into sets of images.

Monday, April 15, 2019


Got started on yard work items over the weekend. Finished up the long run of the in-law apartment walk and got the next step completed to lay down the side spur by the coal house. Still need to dig out the fourth run on the ‘T’ and get some mason’s sand in the trench to level things there.

Once that is complete, I’ve got a couple of areas to move fill to (and with the various projects that have been done over the last few years, there’s plenty of fill available).

Bought some one inch dowel to make the ‘topper’ for our cruise ‘fish extender’ hanging thing. Annoying…home depot was out of only that size dowel up in Nashua. Happily Lowes filled in the gap and provided me with what I needed. Still need to get it over to the saw and cut an appropriate length or two. Probably not today as it is rather drippy out there.


We saw the new Hellboy movie over the weekend. It was a fun but forgettable comic action movie. Didn’t have the ‘heart’ that the previous movies had for us but was a fun romp.

It Snowed in April Yesterday

Yuck…I left work yesterday to little ice pellets bouncing off my head and drove home in a late season snow storm. Cold and overcast…still looking for spring to arrive for good I guess.

Plenty to get done around the yard now that things are looking decent out there. Digging into technical bits along the way (see pandamallet and career areas for more details on that stuff).

Vacation coming up in May…though a short one without any Disney World time. It will be a nice break, but not as long as we’ve usually done…trying to be budget conscious isn’t much fun 🙂

Alyssa is still out at sea and out of touch. Seems as if she’s doing ok all told, but I’ll be happy when she’s back on land and we can stay in touch better.

Sam and Malcolm coming over to do VR coding

On Friday Malcolm and Sam are coming over to do some Unity VR coding. If all goes well we’ll probably continue this on alternate Fridays going forward.

I’ve spent some time over the last few days getting the VR area in the basement straightened out and appropriate development tools loaded on the machines around the house.

I did realized earlier this week that I had created a stripe set on the VR system using WD green drives that had been booted out of the upstairs machine’s stripe set with parity because they don’t play nice as part of an array. I wound up pulling everything off of them, breaking the set and reformatting them as individual drives…a bit of a pain, but necessary.

At this point things should be pretty well set up and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can get done.

Reindeer is done

The reindeer sculpture is finally stained and coated with spar urethane and it looks pretty good. I was surprised to find that it goes together exceptionally well too. I can only guess that when we’ve taken it apart in the past it had soaked up a bunch of water and swelled up as I’ve added thickness in urethane and it doesn’t grab at all.

Looking at unity

Digging into the unity engine this weekend. Reading and watching some YouTube videos. Looks like it uses dependency injection pretty extensively with a rather slick UI wrapped around things.

I’ve gone through enough to see how a basic set of objects gets created and scripted in the UI interactively. I’m now on the hunt for methods for creating templates for objects and then creating instances of those objects programmatically. I’d like to be able to modify the geometry on the fly as well, but that isn’t really needed immediately.

I’m thinking of wrapping together a small wargame that draws its inspiration from stellar conquest. Same basic structure but with no copyrighted material pulled over. The system level combat also likely wants to be automatically resolved to make offline, turn based play smoother. The player is the general/admiral directing overall strategy. The in-system combat is handled locally and the player only sees the end result.

Far more reading and experimentation to be done. I also need to be able to bolt in much more complex C# code on the back-end to implement the rules management (or push that to the PHP code on the server perhaps and make this all pull together. Should be an interesting run.

Quiet Weekend

It looks to be a quiet weekend.

Doing a good bit of work stuff on a program that I finished major work on about a year ago. Nice that at KMC I can get paid for these hours. Hoping this gets the job done.

Watching some python programming videos to improve my fluency in that language. Not my favorite language, but useful in a number of places.

Also been looking at my old wargames. Hoping I may fond folks interested in trying a few things out at work. My current challenge is to find all of right parts for games I haven’t played in a long time.

Microgames…probably more suitable for short time play.
…and the lower shelves in my home office…bigger games

Quite a few of these appear to have bits missing that I’m going to have to locate. Hoping that I can (should as I am unlikely to have thrown any of this stuff away). I’m sorting through all my old storage boxes in any case so I should have a good shot. I’ll likely take backup scans of a bunch of this stuff for personal use as digital is likely to be more robust in the long term.

Thoughts and Considerations…