Thurs, October 4, 2018

Another rather gray day out.

Got the lift cable replaced on the garage door last night. Turned out to be easier than I had anticipated…just attach the cable to the pulley,  shove a piece of wood (2×2 stock I keep around was fine) and lever the door up enough to loop the cable to the attachment point and done. Much easier than the torsion spring replacement of a few years ago.

Lorna got some Halloween candy for me to put out at work. Seems a bit early to start with that so I’ll probably wait until next week or so before I put it out.

Going to an introduction to meditation class tonight that Lorna found at the local library.

Tues, October 2, 2018

A drippy, grey morning today. 

Re-synced my data backups of my main home machine so feeling pretty good about that. Too much on there that I’d rather not lose. I still want to have an offline mirror of the vacation photos (8 TB covering quite a few years) but will likely need to code up some tools to make that happen.

I’ve got to clean up the rsync scripts that handle this chore sometime soon. Currently they’re scattered all around the system and named things like aaa.cmd and such. I should run this process more often to make sure that I don’t lose too much if I have a problem…making that easy is the first step to making it happen…

Got to grab the Xilinx Spartan-6 tools sometime soon…even if I’m not ready to do too much with VHDL, having them around would be nice. Just created a Xilinx account for work reasons anyway so should be straightforward.

Mon, October 1, 2018

Relatively unexciting weekend overall. More digging and some image post-processing of shots from our trip to England a couple of years ago (yeah, it seems to sometimes take that long to get these things done). I’ll probably post some galleries here once I get some decent sets of shots finished. Mostly focused on shots for Lorna’s scrap-booking first though.

Finished digging out the main trench for the walkway and back-filled it with sifted clay to the level that I want to start from. I’ll likely wind up putting another inch or two of base in there before I get to layering in the aggregate.

The main trench finally done.

I did find out that the ‘T’ on the trench (which I had thought was fine) is actually neither wide enough or deep enough. I’m in the process of getting that addressed at this point.

Not deep enough…

I’ve been dumping the sifted soil from this area down the front slope as that is more convenient and I’ve got plenty of material in the piles that were dug out earlier to top up this trench once it is deep enough.

I’m also putting the left over small rocks (from the sifting process) on the paths up to the far side of the driveway. I had planned to put crushed rock here, but the supply for the parking spot was used up elsewhere and these stones are available so I’m expecting that they’ll do.

The weekend finished on a down note at one of the life cables for the garage door snapped. Amazon did come to the rescue as they have replacement cables and so I should have a pair (may as well replace both) in hand by mid-week.

Sat, September 29, 2018

Walkin’ at Benson’s

Beautiful day out here today. Early fall and sunny with a little breeze. Grabbed coffee and breakfast at the Benson’s Bakery Cafe and then walked a short loop around the park. I didn’t bring my big camera so a very photogenic blue jay perched on the fence for us by the dog park. 

Early morning at Logan

Dropped Alyssa off at Logan earlier in the week to fly back to San Diego.

One last hug

Hoping to finish up the trench for the in-law apartment walkway today. Just a few more feet that needs to be taken down to 7 inches and then back-fill with sifted clay to establish an even bed.

I’ll probably do my photo shoot with the tie fighters and x-wing once the bed is clean and flat. Likely tomorrow. Recent events have made this a bit of a bitter-sweet thing and I don’t expect to go as elaborate as I would likely have otherwise…but the chance to do something is too good to pass up.

I’m likely to do some more work coding over the weekend to get ahead of the curve. Lots to get done and some interesting architectural improvements that can likely be made. 

Also likely to try to get some general purpose coding done and a bit more RepRap, Prusa i3 research done. Perhaps I can get Malcolm to fab me the plastics I’ll need soon…I should look at appropriate filament and buy a spool to support that effort.

The trench is fully dug out…now to refill it to seven inches deep with sifted soil.

Fri, September 28, 2018

I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m going to disconnect from the new and politics out there for a while. The current brand of chaos is making me crazy and there are better and more productive things to do with my time.

Hoping to get the walkway finished soon. Should be able to start putting aggregate into the trench this weekend…may be late in the weekend as I need to refill with packed, sifted clay to level the bed first.

Dropped another wheelbarrow full of small rocks on the drip line under the bay window last night. Should clean that area up a bit with the mulch coming up to the rocks and the rocks keeping erosion down.

Once the walkway is done, I’ll need to get the terracing in the middle bed area going. I’ve now got the dirt needed to bulk up the retaining rock rings and the sifter to clean up the fill before I add it. I do need the walkway in place in order to have a clear path for the wheelbarrow trips.

Spent last night doing some work coding. Looks like I’ll probably spend tonight doing more of the same. Some good code clean up along with added functionality so win-win.

Wed, September 26, 2018

Weird morning out there today. Yesterday was quite chilly with a distinct fall tang in the air and rain falling down. This morning was warm and humid enough for condensation to have accumulated on the pumpkin by the door.

Messy commute in to work as well as they were diverting all traffic off of the road that runs through Greely park in Nashua onto residential streets that wandered far and wide before eventually finding their way back to route 3 well into Merrimack.

This is Alyssa’s last full day here in New Hampshire before she heads back to San Diego. It was nice having her home for a stretch. Sad that we won’t be seeing her for the better part of a year now. Early tomorrow morning we’ll be driving her in to Logan and saying goodbye for a stretch.

This weekend I’ll be back to finishing up the trench that will host the walkway from the in-law apartment to the driveway. Only about four feet left to dig out to depth…then back fill with screened clay and tamp down. I was intending to play with some Star Wars shots before adding the aggregate, but with events over the last few weeks I’m losing my enthusiasm…may still do it, but without the sparkle I was feeling previously.

3D Print

A friend at work owns a Prusa RepRap and brought it in for some of the engineers to try out. I was having a hard time getting my STL file handed off so I routed it through my blog. Not the most exciting shape, but then I’m just learning how to drive Fusion 360…

Sample 3D print


Thoughts and Considerations…