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Saw the Disney Fantasy Coming In

We went out to walk the beach and saw the fantasy coming into port. It just finished a short yard period and we’re heading out on her for a two castaway key short cruise later in the week.

Disney Fantasy coming into Cocoa Beach

When we got back to the room, Lorna mentioned that she had heard people talking about a launch from the space center at 5:30 or so. I checked and it was an Inmarsat on a falcon 5 being launched so I found my way up to the deck where people were looking on and took some shots with my new lens. I’ll post those as soon as my earlier beach expedition finishes importing…stay tuned.

Morning Excitement at Cocoa Beach…

We went swimming and as we were heading in to the shore the pair of pelicans that had landed thirty feet further out from us took off into the air. A short bit after that something rather large went past us. It looked dark brown with lighter brown spots and rather large (though surprise can magnify things). I only saw it for a moment looking like a curved edge like a manatee’s tail (but clearly not as they don’t move that fast. No idea what it really was…I expect it was looking for a pelican snack and after missing them it cruised past us and decided we didn’t look interesting…

Pelicans inbound

Later in the day Lorna heard that there had been manatees seen around the pier down the beach. Scary when it happened, but it now looks like we had a close encounter with a manatee.

Cocoa Beach…

Now for a couple of days at The Inn at Cocoa Beach to relax after the usual whirlwind of activity at Disney.

The Inn at Cocoa Beach
Very nice view out there

…and breakfast…

Dining area in the morning sun
Slept in a bit this morning
Enjoyed the complementary breakfast…at least I did as it was a quiche with broccoli and some sort of cheese in it 🙂
Morning View out to Sea
Oh and a red nose for charity…

Soon we head out and frolic in the waves 🙂

Last day of the first part of vacation

Checked out of the wilderness Lodge and waiting to grab breakfast at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian. Somehow, my mind is automatically in ‘end of vacation’ mode even though I know we’ll be on the Disney Fantasy in a couple of days and back here at Boardwalk for a final weekend.

The great ceremonial room at the Polynesian resort.
Kona Cafe, home of amazing breakfasts (might have great lunches too but we’ve never made it to one)…

Cell phone shots as the computer is stored 😀.

Fully post processed images will have to wait a couple of weeks.



Star wars

Got pics with Chewbacca and Kylo Ren followed by the dessert party. Had a nice chat with Eddie from the Dakota’s about engineering and vampire robots.  Definitely need to get photos post processed and up here as soon as I get home. Reminds me that the site needs to be loaded up in advance.

Just a few shots from this trip.

I wasn’t sold on the whole dark side thing…
I generally find pictures of this fountain to be spectacular.
A sand hill crane, low and slow…
Vulture coming in for a landing.
End of show, very cool owl (and not moving fast so less of a challenge 🙂 )
Before the star wars fireworks.
Waiting for the fireworks to start in front of the theater.


Visited the Boston MFA Yesterday Morning

Yesterday was one of my (mostly) off Fridays at KMC. Lorna and I headed into Boston to visit the museum of fine arts and see what they had that was new.

Visiting a museum is always a good way to reset from the stress of life (and while I enjoy my work it can certainly wear at times). This trip was a mix as we started with the ‘Matisse in the Studio’ exhibit and roamed through some of the permanent collection first.


The ‘make way for ducklings’ exhibit was wonderful. The early sketches were very interesting to see and we had not been aware of some of the wonderful children’s books McCloskey created.

They had a series of images from Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man with some amazing textures on the final images. They also showcased Time of Wonder a wonderfully poetic children’s book.


Finding our final stop for the morning took us through a variety of other areas including some modern pieces

I didn’t bring my SLR along so the shots are a little less crisp than usual.

Our final stop was a display of photographs taken in the Lodz Ghetto by Henryk Ross. It was a sobering end to an otherwise uplifting day. The terrible things that humans are capable of doing to other humans, prominently on display.

On reflection, the most soul destroying aspect is that this has continued happening since the 1940s in so many places before and since…Rwanda, Armenia, Kosovo, Cambodia, China and more…

We focus on the huge scale of the Nazi genocides and that is important but this sort of things keeps happening on larger and smaller scales for many different reasons.





Considering adding a separate pictures blog at ninecrows

I’ve been busy with other things lately have not been taking or post-processing many pictures. I’m looking at getting some of that going again and getting a small gallery of my shots up on the site here.

I’ve considered adding a separate picture gallery wordpress instance in the past. To date I’ve kept things here on the discussion blog. I think that if I’m going to post more than the occasional picture or set of pictures that a free-standing blog instance would do the job better.

More to  come as this gells…