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Nassau Into the Harbor

Shots coming into the harbor at Nassau. It was a hazy day with rain showers so long distance visibility was not good. I think many of these shots came out well in any case and I snapped a few things I had not noticed on previous visits. More to come from after we tied up at the pier. Keep in mind, these are relatively unfiltered ‘interesting’ shots so there is a bit of duplication along the way…

Top: Settled in at Cocoa Beach for a few Days Before the Cruise
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Early morning before Nassau

The beginning of the day on the Dream headed in to Nassau. I’ve not spent time weeding these down so there is some redundancy. I processed shots that caught my eye in lightroom as I went.

Top: Settled in at Cocoa Beach for a few Days Before the Cruise
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First day of our cruise…

Here’s a selection of shots from the first day of our cruise this year. Drippy day all through…cleared up a bit in the middle but not good shooting conditions so I have fewer sail away shots than I’d usually have…

Top: Settled in at Cocoa Beach for a few Days Before the Cruise
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Initial Shots from the Scenic Boat Ride Today

Here are some initial post-processing results from the scenic boat ride we went on today. They can probably be refined later a bit and they’re a fraction of what I captured. I’m about out of steam tonight so I’m posting what I have for now…

Top: Settled in at Cocoa Beach for a few Days Before the Cruise
Previous: Settled in at Cocoa Beach for a few Days Before the Cruise
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Settled in at cocoa beach for a few days before the cruise.

Lorna found us a great, quiet place towards the south end of cocoa beach to hang out until our cruise leaves on Monday. We’re at the Beach Place Guesthouses. Much quieter than the places closer to port Canaveral and directly on the beach. So far we’re having a great time here.

It was sad to see the videos of Maleficent’s dragon burning in the Magic Kingdom parade yesterday. I got some great shots only a couple days ago of the dragon which I’ll post in a bit. I never thought those might be the last shots of that incarnation (the head at least looked like a total loss from the pictures)…

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Today Alyssa Wilson and Jonathan Park will be Married

Later today my daughter Alyssa will marry Jonathan Park here in Ventura, California. This will be a small affair at the court house as they are both deploying soon with their respective ships.


They met during their navy training and
became a couple through A and C school. We shared a wonderful vacation with them at Disney World this last Christmas season where the became engaged. Jonathan presented a ring to Alyssa by the fountains in Epcot France and then Alyssa reciprocated with a ring before the Illuminations fireworks the following evening.


I am delighted to see my daughter so in love and proud to have a fine young man joining our family. They make a wonderful couple and have a bright future to look forward to.




We arrived in Oxnard a bit ahead of things and have had a great couple of days exploring the area and hanging out with them. Jonathan’s parents arrived last night and we’ll be meeting up with them later today before the ceremony.

Yesterday we headed over to Ventura and roamed around. This is the first time either Lorna or I have been in California so we’re enjoying the new experiences along with the chance to spend time with Lys and Jonathan.


We’ll miss both of them while they’re on deployment. Looking forward to future chances to spend time and to hearing about their adventures together and apart as they begin their lives. Proud to see both of them finding their way in the world and learning the fine art of ‘adulting’ that we all spend the balance of our existence refining and dodging at various times.