Quiet Weekend

It looks to be a quiet weekend.

Doing a good bit of work stuff on a program that I finished major work on about a year ago. Nice that at KMC I can get paid for these hours. Hoping this gets the job done.

Watching some python programming videos to improve my fluency in that language. Not my favorite language, but useful in a number of places.

Also been looking at my old wargames. Hoping I may fond folks interested in trying a few things out at work. My current challenge is to find all of right parts for games I haven’t played in a long time.

Microgames…probably more suitable for short time play.
…and the lower shelves in my home office…bigger games

Quite a few of these appear to have bits missing that I’m going to have to locate. Hoping that I can (should as I am unlikely to have thrown any of this stuff away). I’m sorting through all my old storage boxes in any case so I should have a good shot. I’ll likely take backup scans of a bunch of this stuff for personal use as digital is likely to be more robust in the long term.

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