Tues, October 23, 2018

A bit of a gray day out there at the moment.

Got some code sketched in to handle JSON generation and processing last night. Much more to be done and I want to do everything I can to use C++ 2011/2014/2017 features in this code. A simple, free-standing implementation tuned to handling small, local bits of JSON is what I’m looking for here.

I need to spend some time tonight getting photos ready and fired off to Sams Club for Lorna’s upcoming scrap booking.

I need to get the next step done on the long part of the walkway. I suspect I need another inch or three of bed before dropping in aggregate. I also would like to narrow the bed width a bit to conserve supplies of aggregate. This has to get done before we get snow and probably a good bit earlier.

My copy of Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry arrived yesterday (used and surprisingly inexpensive). Probably going to be a background task as other things have priority, but it is an interesting technology to learn more about. Always trying to pick up knowledge where interesting things cross my path.

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