Mon, October 15, 2018

Painful weekend in a number of ways. Did get the first run of walk laid down. I still need to dig out the sides to get the edging in place and then back-fill with topsoil.

The final version of this seems a bit more evenly spaced against the parking spot border stones. Hoping this isn’t a bad omen for the long, fifty foot run back to the in-law door…

Next step is going to be more serious heavy lifting as I need to lay down an inch or two of additional soil in the long trench and then see about laying in some soil edges to limit the amount of aggregate I need for the main bed.

The weather was significantly better than the forecasts had predicted with much of the weekend being beautiful fall weather…a bit chilly if the sun wasn’t out, but quite nice otherwise.

It is sad to see Sears declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy. I haven’t been in a Sears store in quite a few years and what I saw during that last visit was not a proud or happy thing.

I remember going to Sears with my grandparents when I was young. The stores were beautiful (I particularly remember Christmas at the one in the Natick mall) and well run. They were my grandparents’ preferred source for tools and appliances and seemed to deserve the business.

I can clearly picture myself standing in front of the first video game console I ever saw (one of the early Ataris) and desperately wanting on of those expensive things.

The Sears catalog was huge and varied and the Christmas wish book was anticipated long before it arrived and scoured for amazing toys once it was in hand. Later I got one of those old reprints of original Sears catalogs and was amazed at the crazy things that could have been ordered back in the early days (I think there was even a small pre-fab house in there).

Wonderful memories but there seems to be virtually nothing left of that place in the current ragged remnant. 

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