Sat, October 6, 2018

Saw Venom yesterday. It was better than some of the reviews had suggested it would be. A fun romp with the usual Marvel mix of humor and action and no more than the necessary amount of suspension of disbelief issues for a comic book movie. Clearly set up for a sequel and this version of venom is clearly being positioned as a slightly dark hero rather than a villain.

Got the ‘T’ part of the walkway trench expanded to the necessary width and depth for about half of its length. I’ve been dumping the dirt down the face of the slope in the front yard to build that up and provide a terrace behind the rock ring I created half way up. The smaller stones (pretty much rounded gravel) go on the two paths up to the side yard on the far side of the driveway. I had considered crushed rock there, but we’re have to order more for that. This stuff is free, looks pretty good and should do the job.

Lorna cleared out the lower front bed and mulched it so that it looks great.

I had been planning to drive down to Gloucester today to try out some hiking/walking trails in that area (Ravenswood Park). This weekend looks like a mix of partly cloudy and rainy so I’m thinking of trying some fallback options. Driving an hour and a half to walk some nice trails on a not so nice day seems less than ideal.

The other options I found within reasonable range (to the south) are Harold Parker State ForestWard Reservation, and Weir Hill which are all much closer in the Andover area. May try one of those today or perhaps just hit one of the more local options.

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