Kyle Wilson and the Wilson Family

This index page dispatches to the various resources that are available on this site. I expect that as time permits this will become subsstantially more elapborate. Most of my information will be on my blog currently. At the moment the possible choices from here are:

About Kyle Wilson

I am currently the software architect for GE specialty MRI in Wilmington MA. I have spent most of my career as a technical lead working on extending or refactoring large, distributed software systems with extensive concurrency. Virtually all of my work has been on commercially offered products and I have extensive experience with hybrid hardware/software and heavily networked designs. As we are currently winding down the Wilmington site, I am looking for new and exciting opportunities.

I have a broad base of knowledge covering not only software engineering but electrical engineering (my degree is EE and I worked for several years as a digital desginer before moving over to software) and other engineering disciplines. My background in mathematics and physics is also extensive (and has proven very useful while refactoring the core code for the MRI scanners here).

I am interested in roles where I will be in a position to provide technical leadership for a small to medium sized team with substantial direct technical involvement. In general I have been most effective in roles where the existing software infrastructure is failing to meet the ongoing needs of the market (or a new architecture needs to be defined) and the development team needs technical leadership that can participate in and drive the process of designing (or refactoring in place) the architectural solutions needed to allow development to effectively move forward. I expect to generally be involved in both technical leadership roles and as a direct contributor, implementing portions of the chosen solution.